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Cobra ESD 9870 11 Band 360° Laser VG2 Compass Voice Alert Radar Detector (Refurbished)

Cobra ESD 9870 11 Band 360° Laser VG2 Compass Voice Alert Radar Detector (Refurbished)


  • $ 4999

Product Feature

The Cobra ESD-9870 is an 11 band radar detector providing extended detection range over other Cobra models. It provides alerts announced in plain English by a real human voice with the Voice Alert feature, and also includes an 8 point digital compass. The ESD-9870 radar detector is also equipped with an alpha numeric display, which allows for far more detailed detection messages and a more complex signal strength indicator. The intuitive IntelliMute feature is also included, and will automatically mute the detector based on your speed. The Cobra 9870 is also one of the only detectors available that will detect the Spectre "radar detector detector."

In the box: Radar detector, windshield bracket, power cord, and a user's manual

  • Radar signals: X Band Radar, K Band Radar, Ka Superwide Radar, VG-2 Alert System, Spectre System
  • Laser signals: LTI 20-20 Laser, Ultra Lyte Laser, ProLaser, ProLaser III (with 360-degree detection on all)
  • Safety systems: Safety Alert System, Strobe Alert System (360-degree detection on the latter)
  • Auto shut-off: Yes (using SmartPower, follows car ignition)
  • IntelliMute: Yes (Cobra exclusive, relative speed sensing auto mute system that virtually eliminates false alerts)
  • Auto mute: Yes
  • Display: DigiView data display (provides easily recognizable digital text display)
  • EasySet programming menu: Yes (user-friendly mode selection/setting with visual guidance)
  • Digital signal-strength indicator: Yes (provides the user with relative proximity to the target)
  • VoiceAlert: Yes
  • City/highway switch: Yes
  • Dimmer: Yes (for better night visibility)
  • Stay Set electronic memory: Yes (electronically remembers radar detector settings for an indefinite period of time even with the power removed)
  • Electronic compass: Yes (8 points)
  • System-ready prompt: Yes (notifies the user that the radar detector has correctly completed a self-test and is ready)
  • Item length: 4.66 inches
  • Item width: 3.25 inches
  • Item height: 1.33 inches
  • Item weight: 2 pounds

Recondition/Refurbished: This item has been inspected, tested, and reconditioned to factory specifications by an authorized Cobra refurbisher

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