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Frogger Brushpro Golf Club Cleaner Best 2008 PGA Ergonomic Brush Product


  • $ 1999

The innovative BrushPro keeps clubs clean and grooves sharp like no other brush out there - putting the bite back in clubs for more backspin, more control and more distance. Pros only hit with clean clubs. Shouldn’t you?
Revolutionary combo bristles are hard on dirt and grass but easy on clubs. Innovative retractable groove cleaner remove the most stubborn debris from grooves. Retractable snap back cord and ergonomic comfort fit handle makes cleaning quick and easy.

  • Revolutionary Combo Bristles - interior phosphorous bronze and exterior nylon bristles are hard on dirt and grass, but easy on clubs, towels, clothes and fingers
  • Groove Cleaner extends and retracts for safe and effective groove cleaning. (Beats the hell out of that golf tee you've been using.)
  • 100% Nylon Brush Head is included for use on forged clubs
  • Retractor with ""snap back"" nylon cord attaches to golf bags and ensures BrushPro is always on hand
  • Ergonomic comfort-fit handle makes cleaning faster and easier.
  • Free Attachable Brush Head Holder.
  • Replaceable brush heads can be ordered in either BrushPro's revolutionary bronze/nylon combo brush head or our 100% nylon brush head for forged clubs.


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