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  • $ 57999

Includes: 2 Robosapien: Regular and mini size and remote control for Robosapien only.
Figure measured approximately 14 inches tall and 7 inches tall
  • Produced in the year 2005
  • For age 6 and up
  • fully articulated motion
  • Robosapien walks! Forwards and backward at 2 speeds, he can turn left and right!
  • Robosapien grabs & throws! Using his grippers, he can pick things up and throw them or knock them over with either hand!
  • Robosapien Dances! Program your own dance sequence or activate the dance demo!
  • Robosapien Communicates & Interacts! Humandid sound effects with sound and touch-activated motion!
  • Robosapien Strikes! Karate Actions can be used in combination with other actions!
  • Robosapien is flexible! Arms move and bend fluidly with full range of motion!
  • Mini Robosapien features: light-up eyes, cool walking action, articulated arms, working hands

Robosapien is the perfect fusion of technology & personality! Applied Biomorphic Robotics fives him the ability to move and act in humanoid ways. And when Robosapien communicates you will know exactly what he is feeling!

Robosapien follows simple and complex commands that can be combined using 4 different programming modes. Program him to do a sequence of up to 84 steps (or 3 demonstration routines).

His advanced interactive reflex system allows robosapien to respond to touch, sound & obstacles in his path! Robosapien is almost human!

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