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LEGO Legends CHIMA Worriz Wolves Figure LED Lite Key Chain Minifigure Flashlight


  • $ 1999

Lego's Legends of Chima, a magical realm filled with human-like animal warriors, has inspired a TV series, numerous video games, and Lego sets galore. These minifigures, which were designed to attach to key chains, add the power of illumination to the Chima characters' already advanced repertoire of skills. Press the button on their chest to turn on the LED lights that are set in the figures' feet. The legs are adjustable so that the light can be angled to shine upon book pages, under car seats, and in the crawlspace where you think Carmen Sandiego is hiding.

  • Minifigures from Lego's Legends of Chima universe
  • Adjustable, angling legs
  • Compact size
  • On/off switch conserves batteries


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