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Year 2006 Shonen Jump's Naruto Weapon Accessory Set - DOUBLE ATTACK SHURIKEN


  • $ 6999

Product Features

  • Split into 2 shuriken stars in mid-air
  • Shuriken's diameter measured approximately 15 inch long
  • Produced in year 2006
  • For age 6 and up
  • This is an outdoor toy only. Play in a safe open area away from traffic and power lines. Not for indoor use

Product Description

The ultimate weapon from the show, the Double Attack Shuriken starts out as a single giant foam star that splits into two. That's because it's a weapon from the Shadow Clone technique used by Naruto and his fellow ninja to deceive and surprise their adversaries. Just the thing you need when you're being attacked by enemy ninjas. Throw the star and watch it split into 2 identical stars to hit 2 targets simultaneously. Wow!

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