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NEW SKLZ Baseball Quick Stick Underload Speed Training Lightweight Narrow Bat


  • $ 3999

  • BETTER HAND EYE COORDINATION. Build visual acuity and hand-eye coordination with the Quick Stick underload training bat. This bat encourages batters to focus intently with the narrow-diameter barrel for small ball training. Weighing only 12 oz. and is 30” in length, it’s the perfect batting tool.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BAT. This lightweight bat means that you get more swings, and less fatigue. Focus on building better technique through repetition and muscle memory.
  • DURABLE ALUMINUM DESIGN. The durable aluminum and improved grip makes this an easy addition for any diamond athlete. Know you’re investing in a quality product, so that you can make drastic improvements in your hitting skills.
  • THE NEED FOR SPEED. The lightweight design makes for fast rotation speed and hand speed training. Perfect for practice or pre-game warm ups.
  • INVEST IN YOUR TRAINING. SKLZ is dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their goals. No matter your sport--baseball, soccer, football, or basketball--the SKLZ Pro Training Utility Weights will help you reach peak performance.

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