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EXCLUSIVE Beasts of Balance Digital Tabletop Hybrid Family Stacking Game Battle

Sensible Object

  • $ 5999

Beasts of Balance will revolutionize your family game night. Social play meets digital fun with this seamlessly integrated app-enabled game. Get ready to battle!

  • Stack magical Artefacts that transform into incredible beasts in connected digital world

  • Use strategy to keep your beasts alive as you build

  • Discover and collect more than 500 different beasts and add them to your bestiary

  • Promotes spatial reasoning and growth mindset

  • Builds collaboration skills

Make Screen Time Family Time
Beasts of Balance is the multi-award-winning, app connected stacking game for 1-5 players. Jenga meets Pokémon in this digital hybrid tabletop game. Players take on the role of Divine Creators to create vibrant digital worlds by stacking magical Artefacts into spectacular towers. Every Artefact added to the tower evolves the world you are building on your connected tablet, phone or TV. Stack an Octopus and *poof*, you've just made a digital Octopus. Add a Migrate Artefact and *shazam*, you've turned it into a land-dwelling Rocktopus!

Endless Creative Fun
There’s a real skill in deciding the next piece to add to the stack and it takes smarts and teamwork to build high-scoring towers and find the most elusive beasts. There are over 600 to find or create, but take care, the world ends when the tower falls and the volcano erupts!

Innovative Competitions
Now with a brand-new update to the free iOS, Android and Fire app that adds huge 2-3 player competitive battles mode for players who like their stacking and world-building that little bit fiercer! Truly innovative and endlessly replayable, this family-friendly tabletop game is fun for anyone aged 6 to 100.

PLEASE NOTE: Your smart device must meet the minimum requirements in order to use the Beasts of Balance app. Minimum requirements: iOS 10.0 (or above) or Android 5.1 (or above), Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy/Smart protocol, 1GB+ RAM (recommended).

  • Takes everything you love about digital gaming and connects it to real-world play

  • More than 500 different beasts 

  • Work together in co-op to build the biggest tower and get the highest score

  • Compete in battles to build the best region and destroy your opponents

  • Contents: 1 Electronic Plinth, 24 Artefacts ( 6 Beasts, 10 Elements, 6 Action and 2 Miracles)

  • This Exclusive Battles Edition comes bundled with16 NFC-enable Battle Cards + the Legendary Omnibeast Artefact



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