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Harry Potter Nano MetalFigs 20 Pack 100% Die Cast Metal Figures Jada Toys

Jada Toys

  • $ 2999

  • Scale: 1.65”
  • Material: 100% die-cast
  • Weight: 25-30g
  • Content: Harry Potter Year 1 (HP1), Harry Potter Year 7 (HP2), Ron Weasley (HP3), Hermione Granger (HP4), Albus Dumbledore (HP5), Lord Voldemort (HP6), Draco Malfoy (HP7), Nearly Headless Nick (HP9) Dementor (HP10), Harry Potter Year 4 (HP13), Harry Potter Quidditch (HP14), Ron Weasley Year 7 (HP15), Hermione Granger Year 7 (HP16), Alastor Moody (HP20), Rubeus Hagrid (HP22), Neville Longbottom (HP23), Percy Weasley (HP25), Athur Weasley (HP26), Marcus Flint (HP28) and Ginny Weasley (HP31)
  • From Jada Toys, the company who created a new category of collectible figures with their Metals Die Cast line, comes an all-new line of collectible die-cast figures called Nano Metalfigs!
  • Each posed Nano figure is made of 100% die-cast metal and stands about 1.65" tall and weighs about 30g or roughly 5 quarters. Although they might be small, each is finely sculpted and has premium metallic paints to achieve a high-quality appearance and durability, all at a Nano price.
  • Bring the action home with your favorite heroes and villains from the world of Harry Potter! Featuring authentic character likeness and posing, these die-cast figures are sure to be a standout in any collection! Look for more superhero and pop-culture brands coming soon!

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