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Lego Year 2006 Vikings Series Set #7021 - Viking Double Catapult vs. the Armoured Ofnir Dragon with 3 Viking Warrior Minifigures (Total Pieces: 505)

Year 2006 Lego Vikings Series Collectible Set #7021 - VIKING DOUBLE CATAPULT vs. The ARMOURED OFNIR DRAGON with 3 Viking Warriors (505 Pcs)


  • $ 24999

Product Feature

  • Includes: Viking Double Catapult, Armoured Ofnir Dragon and 3 Viking Warrior Minifigures (Total Pieces: 505)
  • Ofnir dragon wears a suit of armor!
  • Use the double catapult for multiple shot action!
  • Produced in year 2006
  • For age 7 - 14

Battle the awesome armored dragon!

The Vikings face their toughest opponent of all, the fire-breathing armored dragon Ofnir! Use the double catapult to fight back against the fierce monster. Decorated with a dragon skull from past victories, the catapult launches 2 blazing boulders at the enemy!

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