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Mega Bloks Year 2008 MagNext Series # 29303 - DYNAMIX ADVANCED GEARS with Build Off & Telesco Arm; Magna Rocker; Tri, Quad & MagNext Tri Plate, Gyro & Auto Gear Plus Dynamix Base (Total Pieces : 49)

Year 2008 Mega Bloks MagNext # 29303 DYNAMIX ADVANCED GEARS with Telesco Arm, Magna Rocker, Tri,Quad, Tri Plate, Gyro, Auto Gear & Dynamix Base (49 Pcs)

Mega Bloks

  • $ 5999

Product Features

  • Includes: DYNAMIX ADVANCED GEARS with Build Off Arm, Telesco Arm, Magna Rocker, Tri Plate, Quad Plate, MagNext Tri Plate, Gyro Gear,  Auto Gear and MagNext Dynamix Base (Total Pieces : 49)
  • Bigger and sturdier base plate with innovative prongs that are compatible with all MagNext standard parts
  • Sleek looking rotating motor, translucent build-off arm and spinning gears
  • Require 3 AA batteries (Not included)
  • Produced in year 2008
  • For age 6 and up

Product Description

Experiment with magnetic attraction and repulsion using this ingenious set of MagNext Dynamix Advanced Gears! Learn to control the way magnets move in relation to each other and metal. Take advantage of a bigger and sturdier pronged building plate upon which to design cool stuff with MagNext standard parts, and then make them spin in different ways. Build a futuristic museum of caged structures, a solar machine or any intricate contraption your imagination allows. Stack the spinning gears as you wish and build as high as you can. Press and place a MagNext sphere ball on button to keep the motor rotating and observe exciting, multi-directional action. Adjust and manipulate your designs to experience the power of magnets at work, moving your entire creation!

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