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New Barbie

New Barbie


  • $ 5999



Year 2014 Baby Alive Series 12 Inch Doll Set -

Teacup Surprise Baby (African American  Version) with Tiara, Teapot, Cup. Sippy Cup and Diaper




Product Features

  • Includes: Teacup Surprise Baby (African American Version)    with Tiara, Teapot, Cup. Sippy Cup and Diaper
  • Doll measured approximately 12 inch tall
  • Add ice water, Tea set changes color!
  • Produced in year 2014
  • For age 3 and up


Product Description

Give your little girl the fun of real babies with the Lil' Sips  Baby Has a Tea Party doll! This little doll drinks and wets just like a real  baby. Your little one will love changing her, feeding her, and taking care of  her just like a real mommy. She comes with all the fixings for a fancy baby tea  party, even a sippy teacup! Get the party started with this Lil' Sips Baby Has a  Tea Party doll!