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Zoomer Meowzies Cattitude Interactive Kitten RUNWAY with Lights, Sounds and Sensors

Zoomer Meowzies Cattitude Interactive Kitten RUNWAY with Lights, Sounds and Sensors

Spin Master

  • $ 3999

Product Features

  • Runway is the fashion-forward Meowzy with a fluffy tail for petting! She enjoys cuddling, playing games and showing off her glittery tail.
  • The more you play with Runway, the happier she’ll be! Her interactive games, cute kitten sounds, and secret trick ensure you never run out of things to do!
  • Require 3 AAA batteries (Batteries not included)
  • For age 5 and up

Product Description

Zoomer Meowsies welcomes the new Cattitude Collection with sparkly fluffy tails and new interactive games. Runway, the stylish Meowzy features poseable legs, wheels on the bottom of their feet so you can roll her around, responds to your touch, has light up eyes and loves to play games – you’ll be smitten with this robotic kitten. The more you play with her, the happier she becomes! Runway has special sensors on her head, back and chest so she knows when you're petting her. Her interactive LED eyes light up telling you exactly how she's feeling. Wave your hand in front of her chest sensors to watch her LED eyes follow you. And if you're in the mood to play, you've just met the right kitten! With interactive games like ‘Mouse Chase’ and ‘Meow Hero,’ and Music Mode, Runway can't wait to show you everything she can do. She even has two special tricks such as saying “I love you” and giving you kisses. Zoomer Meowsies also interact with each other. Collect Chic, Lux, Runway and Posh (each sold separately) sync two of them up, and they will interact with each other by playing peek-a-boo, having a hissing contest, or just singing and playing. Bring home your very own personal kitten, Runway!

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