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Hasbro Year 1997 G.I. JOE Classic Collection 12 Inch Tall Soldier Figure : D-DAY SALUTE 1st Infantry Division (Caucasian) with Helmet, Canteen, M-1 Rifle, Bayonet, Tent, Gas Mask, Bed Roll and Dog Tag

Hasbro GI JOE Classic Collection Series 12" Tall Soldier Figure - D-DAY SALUTE 1st Infantry Div. (Caucasian) with M-1 Rifle, Bayonet, Tent & Gas Mask


  • $ 11999

Product Features

  • Includes: D-DAY SALUTE 1st Infantry Division Soldier (Caucasian) with Helmet with Netting, Wool Knit Cap, Shirt, Pants, Boots, Leggings, Jacket, Web Belt, Canteen with Holder, Ammo Pouches, Mess Kit, M-1 Rifle, Bayonet with Sheath, T-Handle Entrenching Tool with Cover, Tent, Wire Snips with Holder, Gas Mask with Holder, Haversack, Bed Roll and Dog Tag
  • Soldier figure measured approximately 12 inch tall
  • Produced in year 1997
  • For age 5 and up

Product Description

They came from all corners of America. From the wheat fields of Nebraska. The streets of Chicago. The mountains of West Virginia. Some clenched their rifles. Others nervously adjusted their equipment. Some glanced at pictures of a girl back home. It was D-Day. H-Hour. Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of German-occupied France, was underway.

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