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Hasbro Transformers Cybertron Series 3 Pack Deluxe Class 6" Tall Figure - SIDEWAYS (Jet) , BRIMSTONE (Pterodactyl) & THUNDERBLAST (War Boat)


  • $ 17499

Product Features

  • Includes: Autobot/Decepticon SIDEWAYS (Vehicle Mode: Cybertronian Jet), Deception BRIMSTONE (Beast Mode: Pterodactyl) and Decepticon THUNDERBLAST (Vehicle Mode: War Boat) Plus Cyber Planet Key For Each
  • Sideways, Brimstone and Thunderblast figure each measured approximately 6 inch tall
  • Produced in year 2006
  • For age 5 and up

Product Description

A con man from the day he first came online, SIDEWAYS is a master of deception, mixing just enough truth into his lies to keep both his enemies and his allies off guard. His tongue is as sharp as his sword, always ready with another trick of language to keep his marks guessing at his true intentions; at least long enough to jam a hidden blade through their anterior power units.

Brimstone likes the simple things food, flying and trashing Autobots. He leaves stuff like thinking, planning and noticing what's going on in the world around him to his pal Undermine, which is just as well because that tiny, little head of his contains a badly undersized CPU. In flight, he is totally silent, and his diamond-edged vanadium wing blades can pierce even the toughest armor.

THUNDERBLAST knows that the weakest part of any AUTOBOT is his obnoxious sense of nobility. They're constantly rushing to the rescue, and every last one of them would sooner scrap a basket of Antilian bumble-puppies than blast a female as pretty as she is. She uses that fact to her full advantage; more than one AUTOBOT has fallen first for her charms, and then to her plasma torpedoes. As an agent working on earth for STARSCREAM, she knows better than to trust any DECEPTICON, but she finds a kindred spirit in the con-man SIDEWAYS.

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