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Year 2005 Transformer Cybertron Deluxe Class 6 Inch Tall Figure - LANDMINE with Missile Launcher, Cyber Planet Key and Mini-Con DIRT BOSS with Tin Box


  • $ 10999

Product Features

  • Includes: LANDMINE with Missile Launcher, 1 Missile and Cyber Planet Key Plus Bonus Mini-Con DIRT BOSS with Tin Box
  • Landmine figure measured approximately 6 inch tall and Dirt Boss figure measured approximately 3 inch tall
  • Produced in year 2005
  • For age 5 and up

Product Description

DIRT BOSS crash-landed on Earth at the same time as his Race Team teammates landed on the Speed Planet. Lost in an alien dimension and separated from his friends by thousands of light years, DIRT BOSS wandered the earth in search of help. Luckily, LANDMINE detected his MINI-CON distress beacon before the DECEPTICONS. Recognizing the importance of one more MINI-CON that could be used by MEGATRON to create the dangerous SKYBOOM shield, LANDMINE took DIRT BOSS under his protection. He will stop at nothing to protect his MINI-CON friend, help him find his lost comrades, and return him to his own dimension.

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