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Year 2008 Transformers Exclusive Series 3 Pack Set Deluxe Class 6 Inch Tall Figure - LEGACY OF THE BUMBLEBEE (Classic, Movie Premium and Animated)


  • $ 12499

Product Features

  • Includes: Classic Series Bumblebee (Vehicle Mode: Cruiser), Movie Premium Series Bumblebee (Vehicle Mode: Camaro Concept) and Animated Series Bumblebee (Vehicle Mode: Sports Car)
  • Each Bumblebee  figure measured approximately 6 inch tall
  • Produced in year 2008
  • For age 5 and up

Product Description

For nearly 25 years, in all his incarnations, Bumblebee has represented all the best of Autobots have to offer. Not in the way Optimus Prime does, for he is not the most powerful or wise, but in his own unique way. He is the most human of the Autobots, trying always to do his best by his friends and comrades, and persevering even when all hope is lost. He is a friend to those who need one, robot or human, and courageous despite his size. No matter how bumblebee may change, he will always be the friendly face of the Autobot army.

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