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Hasbro Transformers Universe 25th Anniversary G1 Series 6" Tall Figure - OPTIMUS PRIME with Autobot Shield, Trailer Battle Station, Comic and DVD


  • $ 19999

Product Features

  • Includes: Optimus Prime with Autobot Shield, Trailer that Converts to Battle Station, 2 Firing Missiles, Comic and DVD
  • An electronic AUTOBOT shield heats up your homemade adventures with OPTIMUS PRIME speech and conversion sounds. Clip it to your belt or stand it up on a table, desk or shelf!
  • Read the re-issue of the original TRANSFORMERS comic book and play the 25th anniversary MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE DVD (DVD player not included).
  • Featuring the first three episodes of the original animated series, three desktop wallpapers and never before seen MEGATRON and OPTIMUS PRIME character art, this is one cool collector’s pack to celebrate the robotic craze that has lasted for a quarter century.
  • For age 5 and up

Product Description

Optimus Prime emerged like a savior from the darkest time of war; an unknown, chosen to lead, and granted the power and wisdom of every leader that had come before. Though before the war, he had been a simple archivist, the power of the Autobot Matrix of leadership transfigured him. He became a warrior powerful enough to oppose even the Unstoppable Megatron, motivated by the love of peace and honor he had learned in his study of the history of his world. If there is a victory to be won, it is Optimus Prime who will lead the Autobots to it.

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