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Hasbro GI JOE Sigma 6 Series 8" Tall Figure : SPIRIT IRON-KNIFE with Compound Bow, Arrows, Knife, Tomahawks, Weapon Case & Pet Falcon Billy


  • $ 12499

Product Features

  • Includes: SPIRIT IRON-KNIFE with Compound Bow, Liquid Nitrogen Arrow, Electromagnetic Arrow, Incendiary Arrow, Combat Arrows, Knife, Quiver, Tomahawks, Weapon Case and Pet Falcon "Billy"
  • Spirit Iron-Knife figure measured approximately 8 inch tall
  • Produced in year 2005
  • For age 5 and up

Product Description

Codename: Spirit Iron-Knife
Specialty: Explosive Devices
Clearance Status: G3
Equipment Portfolio:
Compound Bow: ultra flexible design with vibration dampeners and bearing control system, to launch specialized munitions.
Incendiary arrow: contact-fuse burst to release smokescreens
Electromagnetic arrow: disables computerized and robotric circuitry
Liquid Nitrogen Arrow: kryonic freeze burst to make an environment uninhabitable, flushing out enemy operatives
Personal History:
Spirit Iron-Knife started in field operations and was selected for the most difficult missions because of his outstanding ability to spot overlooked clues. He became a lead investigator at special ops and solved complex cases with his ability to track suspects using just shred of information. He was soon promoted to covert ops and used his tracking skills to uncover criminals skilled at concealing their existence. He is also an expert at creating small, precisely targeted explosions that disable mechanical or electronic systems without destroying the entire structure. He is a higly skilled marksman with his bow, using technologically advanced arrows that deliver powerful explosions.

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