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Year 2013 Transformers Construct-Bots Series 2 Pack 6 Inch Tall Figure Set - OPTIMUS PRIME (Rig Truck) Vs MEGATRON (Battle Tank)


  • $ 6999

Product Features

  • Includes: Autobot OPTIMUS PRIME with Vehicle Mode as Rig Truck and Decepticon MEGATRON with Vehicle Mode as Battle Tank (Total Pieces: 135)
  • Each figure measured approximately 6 inch tall
  • Produced in year 2013
  • For age 7 and up

Product Description

Construct. Customize. Convert. These 2 Construct-A-Bots come in pieces and it's up to you to build them both. Use the 135 pieces to build Optimus Prime and Megatron robots. Once they're built in robot mode, arm them with their firing missiles and start the Autobot-Decepticon smackdown. Then convert them to vehicle mode or tear them down to build them as vehicles. Build your own Transformers adventures with this Optimus Prime Vs. Megatron Construction Set.

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