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Hasbro Year 2015 Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Series 5-1/2" Tall Robot Figure - Decepticon VORTEX with Blaster, Bruticus' Left Arm and Comic Book (Vehicle Mode: Helicopter)

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Class 5-1/2" Tall Figure - VORTEX with Blaster, Bruticus' Hand & Comic Book (Vehicle Mode: Helicopter)


  • $ 3999

Product Features

  • Includes: Decepticon VORTEX with Blaster, Bruticus' Hand and Comic Book (Vehicle Mode: Helicopter)
  • Vortex figure measured approximately 5-1/2 inch tall
  • Produced in year 2015
  • For age 8 and up

Product Description

Decepticon Vortex is the interrogator the Decepticons call when they need someone to cough up information. He'll take his targets for a wild ride, twisting, turning, looping, and diving through the sky. It's enough to make any bot cough up their secrets... and then some.

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